beatlebum79 wrote:
Astro Snake wrote:
Here's who we have figured, Beatle.

John Cochran
Brandon Hantz
Phillip Sheppard
Corinne Kaplan
Francesca Hogi
Dawn Meehan
Brenda Lowe
Andrea Boehlke

We are not sure on:

Erik Reichenbach
Greg "Tarzan" Smith
I will try to ask because I have a feeling my source is throwing me under the bus this time.  I think they were reprimanded and being reminded by TPTB to strictly not spoil the season.

Anyhow, I still got a few spoilers on Survivor 26.  Again, take these with a grain of salt.

S26 Spoilers
1. Two tribes of 10
2. Shooting commenced May 21.
3. As of this writing, 4 castaways have been voted out of the island.
4. It's a "fans versus favorites" theme.  My source declined to give me the title of the season.

New spoilers but again, take them with a grain of salt.  I had a difficult time getting my source to say something.  My source did not answer my follow-up questions too which frustrated me.

5.  The two tribed merged TODAY.
6.  My source said the title of the next season is still Survivor Philippines: Favorites & Fans.  I don't think this is the correct title, to be honest.  But if my source is telling a semblance of truth, it's more likely Survivor Philippines: Fans vs. Favorites.
7.  My source said that the names listed above as returning players are correct but with the addition of Malcolm.  Malcolm, I assume, is from Survivor Philippines since I cannot remember any Malcolm from the previous aired seasons.  When I asked my source which returning castaway on the list is not returning since adding Malcolm makes it 11 returning castaways, my source did not reply already.