maxxfisher wrote:

I just want to thank SurvivorsUnite. I appreciate the way he revealed his spoilers. He said he didn't want to step on my toes since I was doing it week to week, and he didn't, and I thank him for that. I believe it showed a tremendous amount of class.

Simpatico on the other hand can suck my dick

1st thanks to all of you...words appreciated=-)

Maxx, thanks! Sweet! I saw some of your releases and enjoyed the few times I read your was fun! When I wondered back on here from my busy life I was informed by the admins that you were doing a week to week and said I will let you do your thing and I would post here and there as I felt I would like or if bored at home. Not sure how or why some see this as a compeitition? It ain't that serious and technically not sure why spoilers have to be rude and cruel to one another - if we all have info post if you want or do what you want...why some act so crazy is beyond me, and if I were an attention was it "whore"? I would have posted the boot list off the bat like I did with HvV and might do with the upcoming 2nd chance season=-) lol....the commercial should be nice.

I saw it earlier and can't find it now, but someone had guessed that my orginal 5 True or False questions were all meant to be true - very good they were.

Anywho...MaxxFisher are you out here in LA? You should look me up at the after party and I'll get you a drink on a job well done this season=-) You yourself are a class act. If you are here with us, hope you're having fun! Having a ball over here.

Enjoy the show Sucks.