Some additional info and a clarification:

The teams that get U-turned (along with who U-turned them, respectively) is still accurate, but they don't both occur in Seville as I mentioned previously. The Afghanimals U-turning the Cowboys does indeed happen in Seville, but now I can reveal where the other U-turn takes place: Leg 8 (Orvieto, Italy). This is when Brenchel U-turns Cancer, which should now make a lot more sense since I already revealed that Brenchel checked in first, followed by Cancer in a distant second, on the preceding leg in Rome.

I can't confirm any further details about the Italy U-turn at this time, but I think it's reasonable to speculate that the Globetrotters were also U-turned, as they ended up getting eliminated this leg.

Cancer was plenty pissed about being U-turned, and given that they win, this is when Brenchel's edit goes from OTTN to...whatever's way worse (sorry, I need to brush up on my Edgic vocab).