Ok, here we go.


I now have all the missing pieces, as well as a few corrections to the timeline. A brief summary of the previously unspoiled route info:

-there is only one leg in Switzerland, not two. The leg took place in Lucerne

-there are two legs in Italy; the first was the one we spotted in Rome, and the following leg took place in Orvieto, Italy. The Globetrotters were eliminated during this leg, so it wasn't a back-to-back NEL-speedbump-NEL-speedbump, but rather NEL-speedbump-elim-NEL (Switzerland)-speedbump

-the penultimate leg began in Liverpool, and ended in North Wales--further detail about the leg is below

So, to summarize, here is the COMPLETE ROUTE by leg (along with the eliminated team):

Leg 1: Guangzhou, China (Twins)
Leg 2: Guangzhou, China (Mark/Mallory)
Leg 3: Kita Kinabalu, Malaysia (Youtube)
Leg 4: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (NEL; Brenchel saved)
Leg 5: Colombo, Sri Lanka (Margie/Luke)
Leg 6: Kandy, Sri Lanka (NEL; Country saved)
Leg 7: Rome, Italy (John/Jess)
Leg 8: Orvieto, Italy (Globetrotters)
Leg 9: Lucerne, Switzerland (NEL; Country saved)
Leg 10: Seville, Spain (Cowboys)
Leg 11: Liverpool/North Wales, UK (Afghanimals)
Leg 12: Las Vegas, NV


-Leg 11 began in Liverpool, then teams proceeded by car to Pontcysyllte Aqueduct in North Wales. Teams then drove approx 30 minutes to reach the pit stop at an estate in the area.

-The finish line in Vegas was at a RACETRACK located way off the strip. Not in a hotel, golf course, or the Hoover Dam, but thanks to RFF for delivering the LULZ with all that (wrong) speculation. Furthermore, the Chippies were NOT part of the final leg in any capacity. You will not see them. Also, the teams were sequestered at The Mirage hotel for a few nights before the final leg. All eliminated teams were under full lockdown in their rooms, and even the Afghanimals were sequestered there the night before the final leg took place. The teams returned to the hotel after the race was over, which is when they took those pictures with each other.

-The cancelled leg that had to be replaced was supposedly going to take place in ETHIOPIA. I don't have any further information about what happened, but I haven't heard anything to suggest that Australia was ever supposed to be part of the original route. This may change though if/when I find out more about this.

-During the Rome leg when the racers were spotted doing the Roadblock at the Spanish Steps, there was a lot of speculation about Brenchel when they weren't spotted. Mostly it was that they had been eliminated (once they were spotted in Seville this was obviously proven false) or that they did a fast forward. Either way, it still has remained a mystery as to why they were never seen...until now. There was no fast forward. Brenchel was WAY ahead of all the other teams, so if people were watching the cameras an hour earlier, they might have seen them. Since we all know the pit stop was right after the Roadblock, you guessed it--Brenchel won that leg, and they checked in 45 minutes before the second team (Cancer). And good news for Brenchel fans--they won more than two legs this race.

-Also during the Rome leg (and this is where it gets funny)--as we know based on either watching it live or the pit stop picture, the Afghanimals, Globetrotters, and John/Jess all got the correct answer and finished the Roadblock at roughly the same time, so there was a 3 team foot race to the pit stop. John, however, just like the last time he raced, thought there was another team behind them, so he didn't run as fast as he could've/should've, which caused him and Jess to arrive last and--OY VEY--get eliminated.

-Vegas was the only "super-produced" leg of the race; everything else was pretty low budget.

-Many people didn't understand why John & Jessica deserved a spot on the race since they were hardly remembered. Well, Phil would probably agree--for two legs he called Jessica "Jennifer". Yes, he couldn't even remember her name. More than once.


This is, without a doubt, my personal favorite spoiler to reveal. It is, of course, in regard to....THE U-TURN.

This gem occurs in Seville. Double U-Turn. So who U-turned who?? (in no particular order)





Ok, I'm exhausted. If I left something out, I'll post it later today.